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  • Bound Feet & Western Dress, Pang-Mei Natasha Chang.
    The first paragraph here got me -- actually, the first few words: "I am your grandfather's sister, Chang Yu-i, and before I tell you my story, I want you to remember this: in China, a woman is nothing. When she is born, she must obey her father. When she is married, she must obey her husband. And when she is widowed, she must obey her son. A woman is nothing, you see. This is the first lesson I want to give you so that you will understand."
    Chang Yu-i's story drew me in without my realizing.
  • Lizard, Banana Yoshimoto.
    A collection of short stories. I love Banana Yoshimoto's writing. It's so simple, elegant, light, flowing. Contemporary. What a neat name, too -- Banana. I really liked Kitchen; when I read the short stories, I wanted more, I didn't want them to end.
  • The Liar's Club, Mary Karr.
    A memoire that holds no punches and keeps its humor. Knocked my socks off. By comparison, I've have had it lucky, man.
  • Mona in the Promised Land, Gish Jen.
    What fun! A young Chinese-American who grows up in a largely Jewish neighborhood...
  • A Map of the World, Jane Hamilton.
    Hm. What to say? Enjoyed it.
  • Take the Long Way Home, Susan Gordon Lydon.
    "Memoires of a Survivor" -- truly a survivor. Wow. I started reading this as research into my heroin-addicted character, Laura, in Rainy Day Women...

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