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Ooo -- it's so much fun to start a project!

  • Grey Lace Throw, started 6/2/01: My first project on my new knitting machine, and wouldn't you know it, I had to choose something huge and unwieldy like a lacy throw using very fine wool. Blech, my eyes are mad at me. :P It's a pretty lace pattern. Knitting is done (gotta say, took me a while to figure out how to do lace on a knitting machine -- helps to READ THE MANUAL!!!), just have to add a border of some kind, wash, and block. Maybe next year.
  • Green Throw, started 5/6/01: Another misguided effort. Right before buying my new knitting machine, I pulled out my old basic bulky knitting machine that I got from my Aunt, oh, 17 years ago? and started a huge project. Conshohocken Softball .75 in Celadon (a minty green) bought at Webs. It's a 4x2 rib, or maybe 6x2 (was I so kind to myself?). Machine knitters, you know what that means -- knit 10-20 rows, and then manual create ribs. Maybe next decade. ;)
  • Black Chenille Blanket, started 5/5/01: Can it be harder to see the stitches? This chenille is soft and thick, bought real cheap at Webs. Again with the bulky knitting machine. 9"x9" squares that alternate stockinette and reverse stockinette. If I ever get it done, it'll be soft and beautiful.
  • Purple Ribbon V-neck Tank, started 4/10/01: Yarn is Gedifra's My Love in a cool purple. Love this yarn! Fun to knit with. Doesn't take frogging well, though. Simple tank top from one of Rowan's recent magazines. Knitting is mostly done.
  • Colorful Checked/Striped Pullover, Classic Elite pattern #630 (that funky colorful one with checks) in soft, wonderful to knit Montera wool; modified the pattern -- instead of 4x4 checks, I changed to 1x1 stripes -- my color knitting technique is not up to par. This is my first color intensive pattern! Scary business to start.

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