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Hurrah! Hurrah! Complete at last! (scroll down for photos and descriptions)

Mini Sock #2; finished 12/11/01, started 12/11/01
Mini Sock #1; finished 12/11/01, started 12/11/01
Variegated Scarf #4; finished 11/4/01, started 10/30/01
Variegated Scarf #3; finished 10/27/01, started 10/17/01
Faux Cable Scarf; finished 10/22/01, started 1/20/01
Purple Ribbon V-Neck Tank; finished 10/22/01, started 4/10/01
Watermelon V-Neck Top (knitting machine); finished 10/21/01, started 7/17/01
Variegated Scarf #2; finished 10/15/01, started 9/01
Variegated Green Scarf; finished 10/10/01, started 7/21/01
Variegated Scarf #1; finished 8/01, started 8/01
Blue scarf; finished 6/30/01, started 6/30.
Yarn is Gedifra's Gigante in a sky blue/periwinkle. This yarn is so soft and beautiful -- thick and thin single-ply. I'm working on another scarf out of green variegated. The pattern -- pulled out ye ole faithful pattern books and started flipping through to find something to match. Cast on 16 sts, continue until almost out of yarn, add fringe. With the yarn so thick, and the pattern so easy, this scarf knit itself. 6 balls, including fringe.
Wonderful Wallaby, finished 4/11/01, started 2/24/01
Variegated Blue V-Neck; finished 3/24/01, started 3/17/01
Dan Scarf; finished 3/17/01, started 12/17/00
Linda Scarf; finished 3/14/01, started 11/28/00
Blue Kid Soft Hat; finished 2/19/01, started 2/16/01
Lace/Cable Mohair Scarf; finished 2/11/01, started 2/1/01
Purple Lacy Cardigan; finished 1/21/01, started '98
Pink Mohair Sweater; finished 1/21/01, started 11/16/99
Brown Silk Cardigan; finished 1/19/01, started 10/20/00
Warming Bag; finished 1/18/01, started 1/01
Warming Bag; finished 1/18/01, started 1/01
White Fluffy Scarf/Hood; finished 1/16/01, started 12/99
Grey Felted Mittens; finished 1/01, started 12/14/97
Teal Felted Hat; finished 1/01, started 11/97
Light Blue Baby Tunic; finished 1/2/01, started 11/99
Warming Bag; finished 12/24/00, started 12/00
Warming Bag; finished 12/24/00, started 12/00
Mini Holiday Sock; finished 12/15/00, started 12/15/00
Stone Felted Mittens; finished 12/14/00, started 1/22/97
Rib Socks; finished 12/11/00, started 7/25/97
Light Blue IBH Toasty Socks; finished 11/30/00, started 12/24/96

Grey Garter Stitch Cap; finished 10/20/00, started 10/18/00
Hooded Baby Cardigan; finished 10/16/00, started 10/6/00.

Woolcott & Co's Pattern #72. A simple pattern with quick and instant gratification results! Pattern calls for 1 skein of "Elaine" by Schaefer Yarns, but being budget conscious and wanting something wash-n-go, I opted for Lion Brand's Homespun in Antique, a pretty burgundy "heathered" color (was on sale at Ames!). Took just over 1 skein. Knit on #11 circulars, this goes FAST. The shaping is simple. Voila! Just over a week later (and between several other projects, too), it's done! Just have to pick out some buttons. One issue with the yarn -- it's fluffy acrylic "wrapped" with a strand of thread, and as such, sometimes the yarn bunches up. Just something to keep in mind as you're knitting. On the positive side, when sewing up the two sleeve seams, I didn't have to worry about the yarn breaking, even though I think I heard the binder thread snap. That acrylic is tough! Resists breaking like nobody's business.
Dramatic Drape in Red; finished 9/25/00, started 9/20/00.
Knitter's Magazine Fall 2000, p130. Knit in Web's Barrington Mohair in Deep Red. First off, a beautiful color! I bought 4 cones in 3 colors a couple of years ago at one of their mohair sales, and I must say, the colors are gorgeous! The knitted fabric is more drapey and less firm than, say, Classic Elite's La Gran. This works well for the shawl, but not so well for sweaters, I think. The pattern is quick and easy, and with the mohair gauge of 3 sts/in on #11 circulars, this shawl races by! Simple but interesting shaping with the bulk in garter and a few eyelet rows. This one I worked non-stop in about 5 days! My gauge was a little off the pattern (12 sts/in vs 11 sts/in) but since I'm on the petite side, I figured it might fit me better when done. Maybe I have enough left of the mohair to knit a felted hat???
Multi-colored Garter Scarf; finished 9/20/00, started 9/19/00.
Pattern posted on Woolworks.org (gosh, what was it called???). Used up a little bit of a lot of colors! This was fun. It's the pattern where you pick a different color for each row, work lengthwise in garter, and leave 6" tails at either end for fringe. Again, quick and easy. This one was for my boyfriend, and he joined in the fun by picking out the colors! Crazy colors, but somehow, it all works together as a whole. If I made one for myself, it'd be more, uh, "quiet". :) Not quite a stash-reduction project, as you only use up little bits of everything, AND, I bought a few extra balls to go into the project! Bad, Monica, bad.
Light Purple V-Neck Vest; finished 8/14/00, started 8/97.
Paton's #1124 in Lane Borgosesia's Golfo in #991 (light purple) that I picked up at a Webs closeout. A cotton yarn with a nice sheen. Had to redo the armhole and neckline cast off because it was too tight. Actually finished knitting it in '98, but didn't get around to finishing it until much later... Gotta twist my arm to finish up a project, sometimes. I think this time it was realizing how many open projects I had going, and telling myself I couldn't start another one until I finished some. Works, sometimes! :P
Mohair Multi-colored Scarf; finished 8/12/00, started 3/00.
Pattern is a simple 2x2 rib over 30 sts. Yarn is Filatura di Crosa's Mohair Multi, color #3003. Bought one skein in Japan to make this scarf. One of those purchases you make when you don't really need anything, but you're excited and happy to unexpectedly find a yarn store when you're traveling, so you get something small to support/remember the store. ;) Pretty color variations throughout, brainless knitting. At the end of the skein, you're done! About 4' long. Waiting for the cold to try it out! (8/01: This became my favorite scarf of Winter '00)
DRY SPELL; finished 8/00, started 1/00.
I think too much knitting for holiday gifts plum wore me out. Plus, there was lots of stress at work, and a play I was working on which rehearsed in April/May and opened end of May (see my Theater section for more details!). Why did I start up again? Well, quit the job, took a break; play opened and we performed at several different venues. Had time and free hands, so picked up those needles and started finishing some projects so that I could start some others.
Felted Slippers; finished 1/6/00, started 1/2/00.
Modified Felted (fulled) Slippers by Nancy Lindberg, in Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride, Blue Boy and Light Blue. I think I've made at least 6 or 7 of these, and I swear by the pattern! Easy to knit, goes quickly on #11 dpn and at 3.5 sts/in. I've always used Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride yarn for this pattern, uses about 2 skeins. My sister actually wore a pair of slippers through she liked them so much! I made her replacements in the same color combination she liked them so much. This makes a nice Christmas gift, unless recipients live in sunny, ever-warm California... The pattern is actually 3 sts/in, so I modified the pattern.
Heart Sweater; finished 1/2/00, started 11/24/99.
Woolcott & Co's Pattern #74, "Heart Pullover", in Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Blush, just under 2 skeins. A cute little top. Cotton Fleece may create too "loose" a fabric for this baby sweater... Also, despite the garter bottom edge, it still rolled. Had to cast off very loosely for the neck, but it worked!
Felted Slippers; finished 12/99, started 12/17/99.
Modified Felted (fulled) Slippers by Nancy Lindberg, in Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride, Raspberry and Onyx. See notes above.
Felted Slippers; finished 12/99, started 11/99.
Modified Felted (fulled) Slippers by Nancy Lindberg, in Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride, Olive and Dark Earth. See notes above.
Felted Slippers; finished 11/16/99, started 11/13/99.
Modified Felted (fulled) Slippers by Nancy Lindberg, in Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride, Sable and Onyx. See notes above.
Colorful Hat; finished 11/15/99, started 11/13/99.
"Garter Stitch Cap and Mittens" from the _Homespun Handknit_ book; Colinette Yarns' Hand Dyed Mezzotint in Copperbeach. Quick and easy on #11 circular, less than one skein. Yarn varies in color and in thickness, which was perfect for the pattern. A "floppy" hat that molds to the head of the wearer. I think I will try this pattern in Webs' Peru yarn.
Colorful Socks 2; finished 4/11/99, started 3/21/99.
Pattern is my standard sock pattern, an amalgamation of many different sources. Yarn is Noro's Kureyon in #100 (red-purple based). I love this yarn! It's so much fun to knit socks from, too. Noro yarns are simply beautiful, and I wish I could afford them more! The socks are soft and crazy-colored, and the yarn does all the work! Takes just under 2 skeins for a small women's size.
Colorful Socks 2; finished 4/11/99, started 3/21/99.
My standard sock pattern, in Noro's Kureyon in #100 (blue-green based). See notes above.
Grey Rollneck; finished 2/20/99, started '98.
Modified version of Woolcott & Co's Pattern #45; yarn is Reynold's Naturgarn in dark grey (a Webs closeout yarn). I really like this pattern, this is the second sweater I've made from it. Like so many I've used and liked, it's easy and produces a nice fit, very a la Gap with its rolled neck and sleeves. I used 2x2 rib on the bottom edge because the roll was bulky, and was too close to the butt and lower back to be comfortable. On average, I divided the number of sts by 1.12. And, I did the collar on the larger size needles so that the roll would be bigger, even more a la Gap. Very warm and comfy! One of my favorite sweaters now. The yarn is great to knit with, the rows fly by. It goes a long way, too.
Purple Scarf; finished 2/18/99, started 2/99.
Simple stockinette over 20 sts. Yarn is Webs' Peru in Eggplant, a soft, luscious, mostly alpaca bulky boucle. Big and warm when done, maybe too big for a scarf? Blocked to 11" wide. The edges roll, of course, since it's stockinette, but I didn't think about it at the time... Would have been better as something less wide and in a pattern like garter or a simple seed st... Very warm, maybe a moebius shawl would be better? May end up frogging and giving it life in a new incarnation...
Colorful Socks; finished 2/90/99, started 1/99.
Modified "Hiking Boot Sock" from _Socks_ book; yarn is Brown Sheep's Top of the Lamb Sport Weight in Blue Blood Red, Mallard Green, and White. I really like the yarn, I got a bunch of it on sale at Woolcott & Co, my LYS. The socks started as a mitten that I was experimenting with but never got off the ground. I had only knit the 2x2 rib of the wrist, so turned that into the ankle and knit on. Turned out I had the same number of sts as the above pattern called for, so it was an "easy" transition. Wasn't sure I had enough white for the socks, so I brought in some other colors. Very Christmas, as it turns out. But warm and comfy.
Grey "Classy Cap"; finished 1/99, started 1/99.
"The Classy Cap" from Green Mountain Spinnery, in Classic Elite's Montera, light grey, doubled. Probably under one skein, though I was working from a 2 pound cone that I picked up at the Classic Elite Hub Mills Factory Outlet. The rest of that yarn is waiting (and just begging) to be used! Love the yarn, but didn't really like the finished product -- very thick, didn't feel very wearable. Maybe if I had done the non-rolled edge version, I would like it better. Also, the pattern called for Green Mountain Spinnery yarn (of course), which is not as thick as Montera is, so I think that was a big part of it... Oh well. Live and learn.
Baby Lace Baby Cardigan; finished '99, started 11/98.
Design C, "Cardigan with Rib", from Hayfield's Gorgeous Babies Knitting Book #7141. Used Jo Sharp yarn in #0507 (blue). A cute little cardigan! Really cute. Simple pattern. Yarn is nice and stitch definition is good. I hear that the yarn softens with washings, but since it was a gift, I don't know how it behaved. Used 2 or 3 skeins.
Lacy Leaf Patterned Scarf; finished 12/14/98, started 2/12/98.
My own design. Modified "Fountain" pattern from Pingouin's "1800 Patterns" book (travelling leaves). Yarn is Noro's Kureopatora, which is a variegated single-ply worsted wool in a woodsy brown/beige/moss color scheme. Beautiful yarn, knits quickly. Scarf was very curly when done, but the blocking did wonders! I think the lacy pattern gets lost in the scarf. Maybe a larger needles would have been better. The color variations by themselves make the scarf pretty, but the pattern of traveling leaves combined with the color scheme was what I was going for. Sigh. Seems a waste of effort in a way, but at least I know what's going on. :) This cold weather MUST linger...
Brown 5 Hour Baby Sweater; finished 11/98, started 11/98.
"The 5 Hour Baby Sweater" from the Internet... in Brown Sheep's Lamb's Pride in brown. This was a "sworn to" pattern on the web, so I tried it out. Unfortunately, I didn't like it. At all. Maybe I didn't make it right, or had a poor choice for yarns. I don't know. It was bulky, and rather ugly. I didn't even sew up the seams I was so disappointed. Wish I could take a picture to show you, but I finally tossed it after moving in Sept 2000.
Rust Red Fairisle Pullover; finished , started .
Reynolds #851, Lite Lopi wool in various colors. A little bit o' irregularities in my color-work (my first completed colorwork project). Also goes quickly!
Peony Baby Sweater; finished , started .
Vogue Knitting Fall 1990, p10. This is the one shown in VK in sea green with a simple gull pattern. Sooo cute!! They swore by the pattern. I'd have to say -- a good one. This was my second attempt -- the first shrunk in the wash before I knew what felting was (but boy was it soft when I was through). The baby it was intended for outgrew it long ago, but hey, everyone seems to be having a baby these days. Just need to sew on buttons, then it's good to go. Yarn is 4/10 wool I picked up very cheap at Webs in Northampton, MA.
Cream Crocheted Shell Stitch Shawl; finished 1/95, started 12/94

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