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I started knitting when I was eight. My elementary school had a program in which, over a couple of months, students attended a weekly class of an hour or so. Subjects ranged from cake decorating to typing and, yes, knitting. Actually, cake decorating and typing were my first two choices. Knitting was my trailing third. Rats, I thought then. Now, I don't cook very often, I learned to type in high school, and I'm addicted to knitting. Go figure.

I knit doll clothes and oddly-shaped purses until high school. Freshman year, I knit my first sweater and learned a lot about knitting through my mistakes. The first sweater was quickly followed by wearable sweaters, scarves, mittens...

Over the years, I've continued to learn by doing and from my mistakes.

I'm hoping to get some photos in here before the end of the 1998 -- I'm eyeing some digital cameras right now, so I may go shutter happy this summer...

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