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Shakespeare Ensemble Dramashopa Playwrights-in-Performance Reviewsb

1997 Director, One Acts:
Triple Fable, Eddie Kohler
The Tech
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Dena Cohen
Dir: Alan Brody
1996 The Tempest
Dir: Kermit Dunkelberg
Role: Ariel c
The Tech
Tech Talk
1995 Director, One Acts:
A Walk in the Dust, MacMurray D. Whale
[untitled], Jennifer Tsuei
Dir: Alan Brody
Role: Ming Ming
Three Sisters, Chekhov
Kermit Dunkelberg
Role: Masha
The Tech
1994 F.O.B., David H. Hwang
Dir: Kim Mancuso
Role: Grace
The Tech
1992 Romeo & Juliet
Dir: Jayme Koszyn
Role: Juliet
The Tech
Dir: Kim Mancuso
Roles: Guildenstern (?), Gravedigger
The Tech
1991 A Midsummernight's Dream
Dir: Kermit Dunkelberg
Roles: Fairy, Misc.
The Birds, Aristophanes
Dir: Michael Ouellette
Roles: Chorus, Messenger
The Tech

aLinks are to Dramashop archive pages, which have photos and program information.
bLinks are to The Tech archive pages, which may be slow to load.
cThis was my thesis performance.

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