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  • Tibetan Book of the Dead, by Jean-Claude van Itallie; directed by Kim Mancuso.
    I spent an intensive month last August out on Pilgrim Theatre's "Small Farm" in Ashfield, MA. Many exciting experiences. Challenging and invigorating work.

  • Letters from Sarajevo, Pilgrim Theater.
    • Performance: Wellesley College, April 25, 1998.

  • R.A.W. ('Cause I'm a Woman), by Diana Son. (R.A.W.: Raunchy Asian Women.)
    Performance was followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Emma Teng, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literature, MIT & Ramini Sripada-Vaz (South Asian Women for Action), Massachusetts Asian AIDS Prevention Project. Sponsored by Tufts University's Women's Center, LGB Resource Center, Asian American Center and Women's Collective.
    • Performance: Paige Hall, Tufts University, February 19, 1998.

  • Triple Fable, by Eddie Kohler. Ah, me as a director. Can you imagine it?
    Not my directorial debut, however. This play was part of MIT Dramashop's evening of student-written, student-directed One Acts.
    • Performances: Kresge Little Auditorium, MIT, November 1997.
    • Review in MIT's The Tech.

  • Letters from Sarajevo -- my professional debut!! -- with Pilgrim Theater.
    Pilgrim Theater developed this piece from letters written by people in the former Yugoslavia during the recent war.
    • Performances: Westfield State College (Westfield, MA), April 19, 1997; Kresge Little Auditorium, MIT, Fall 1996; Northampton, MA, August 1996.

  • Rainy Day Women #12 and 35, through MIT's Playwrights-in-Performance. Three young women in a loony bin. "Has it ever occurred to you that you ARE a fucking lunatic?" Written by Dena Cohen and directed by my former advisor at MIT (and current Associate Provost for the Arts), Prof. Alan Brody.
    • Performances: Basement of Kresge Auditorum, MIT, May 8-10, 1997.

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